International Journal of
Systems, Algorithms &
International Journal of Systems, Algorithms and Applications is a monthly journal that publishes articles which contribute new theoretical results in all areas of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics systems and their applications.
Papers are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics
Healthcare Engineering
High Voltage Engineering and Insulation Technology
Human-Computer Interaction
Image Processing and Applications
Information Management Systems, MIS
Information Systems Engineering
Information Technology Application
Intelligent Systems and Approach
Internet and Information Systems Development
Inverter and Converter Technology
Management Applications
MEMS-Micro Sensors and Structures
MEMS-Related Technology
Mobile/Wireless Computing
Modeling with UML
Object-Oriented Technology
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Patterns and Frameworks
Power Generation and Sustainable Environment
Reliability Modeling and Analysis
Safety and Security Critical Software
Semiconductor Technology
Software Architecture and Design
Transmission & Distribution Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Neural Networks
Bio informatics
Communication Systems
Computer & Software Engineering
Control Theory and Application
Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery
Design & Process Engineering & Science
Design Patterns and Frameworks
Diagnosis and Sensing Systems
Distributed Intelligent Systems
Education and Power Quality.
Education and Training for Electrical Engineers
Electric Drivers and Application
Electrical Materials and Process
Electrical Traction Systems and Control
Electromagnetic and Applied Superconductivity
Electromagnetic Transients Programs (EMTP)
Electronic Materials
Embedded Systems
Engineering of Embedded and Real-time Software
Engineering Secure Software
Evolutionary Algorithms
Fuzzy Logic & Systems
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