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1. Manuscripts for the regular issues are to be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief. Manuscripts for a special issue should be submitted to the Editor(s) of the special issue. Please submit a MS Word file included manuscripts and copy-right form.
2. Submission of a manuscript indicates a tacit understanding that the paper is not under consideration for publication with other journals.
3. If copyrighted material is used, the author should obtain the necessary copyright release and submit it along with the manuscript.
4. Once a paper is accepted, authors are assumed to cede copyrights of the paper over to IJSAA
All papers will be acknowledged and refereed. They will not be returned.
6. For final manuscript preparation and submission, see the instructions at http://www.ijsaa.org. Submission of the final manuscript implies that the manuscript is in its final form. Deviations from the instructions will cause publication delay.
9. After a paper is accepted and published on the last day of month, the authors should cede copyright of the paper over to IJSAA and charge the publication fee even though they want to withdraw it later.

Submission Method
Each final full text paper (.doc) should be submitted by E-mail: editor@ijsaa.org

*Final paper must be made as per IJSAA Paper Template. It is mandatory for authors to send their papers to the above mentioned email address.
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